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SKYRIS APPS is a web-app platform used to develop high-quality data-driven software.

What does data-driven mean?

The term data-driven describes a popular decision-making strategy used in business. Simply put, managers are expected to make fact-based decisions based on solid numbers and nothing else. It’s all about letting the numbers speak for themselves.

How does SKYRIS APPS work?
Skyris lets you manage your business fro

The SKYRIS APPS platform is used to develop software tailored to client specifications. Because your new software is written and configured by the Skyris software it is completed accurately within record time.

How do I get the software for my business?

Once we understand your requirements, we develop your own personal SQL database. Your database is securely hosted on Microsoft Azure to guarantee the safety and security of your data. Should you require any additional features, we simply add them for you. We charge no initial development fee. Licence and hosting fees are billed month to month.

Why is SKYRIS APPS the best software for my business?

The app combines data from various sources into a single dashboard. It allows you to see how your data entities correlate from multiple angles. The app will allow you to automate processes, as well as identify problems and opportunities.

What is a web app?

A web application is a personal secure platform that can be accessed via an online log in. It’s like webmail, online banking or LinkedIn. Web applications are always live, requires no initial download or manual updates, and are more secure than previously used native applications.

TEMP Notes

Free platform updates. We provide free platform updates to ensure your apps can work 

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By leveraging our SKYRIS APPS platform we provide custom software solutions to optimize your business while keeping development and other overhead costs low.


Our goal is to make Software as a Service attainable and affordable to everyone. Whether you require a small solution to optimize some aspects of your business, or run your business in full, we can help.

The SKYRIS APPS platform is creatively built with a dynamic infrastructure. Thanks to this intuitive design the platform can easily be altered to suit the requirements of almost any business, which allows us to work fast and efficient to roll out new features rapidly.

Many businesses, both big and small, still purchase multiple vanilla IT solutions to manage their processes and commonly use several platforms simultaneously to satisfy various requirements across the organisation. With custom, tailor-made solutions we can help you bring it all together and save valuable time.