Skyris Innovations is officially partnered with R&D TechnologY

Together We Deliver Telemetry Solutions

R&D Technology provides load cells for heavy-duty weighing. Upon realizing that plant managers have a need to monitor production sites remotely, they approached Skyris Innovations and together we are working on providing reliable telemetry solutions.

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- Capture and transmit data from load cells

- Monitor various load cells in multiple sites

- Have live in-field readings

- See production per hour

- Access all site data from mobile phone

- Set minimum and maximum alarms

- Set-up custom notifications

- Get calibration and maintenance reporting

Watch this video.

See how Skyris Innovations and R&D Technology developed software for remote silo monitoring.

If it exists, it has data. If it has data, it can be monitored.

For telemetry solutions

contact R&D Technology

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